ARC Wireless Solutions, Wheat Ridge, Colo., Wireless Communications Solutions Division introduces the Atlas and the Titan to its GPS product line which consists of GPS antennas, cellular antennas and GPS/cellular combo antennas.

The ARC Titan is the elite antenna in the product line, with pattern shaping for optimum performance using patented circuit technology. It is made for outdoor applications and is IP-67 rated. It is a magnetic mount antenna with several connector options available.

The ARC Atlas is a cost-effective GPS/Cellular Combo antenna option with performance specifications to meet the needs of high-volume, cost-conscious fleets. It is made for indoor applications and also has patented circuit technology.

"With the increasing demand for asset tracking solutions, the addition of the ARC Atlas and ARC Titan to our GPS Product line will give our customers more choices, not only from a price standpoint, but also a performance standpoint. These options will allow our customers to meet the individual and varying needs of their customers," said Todd Schaefer, ARC's vice president of sales.

All of ARC's GPS products have low profile designs for various covert, internal and external vehicular installations.

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