Ingersoll Rand has followed up its 1/2-inch 2135TiMax Impactool pneumatic impact wrench with a 3/8-inch version, the new 2115TiMax.

The new tool is a re-engineered model of the pneumatic 3/8-inch 2115Ti Titanium Impactool and boasts maximum power and control. The new seven-vane motor and improved air flow delivers over 300 foot-pounds of torque for best in class "power-to-weight" and "power-to-size" ratios, according to the company. The new professional touch trigger and a wider range of power regulator settings provide maximum control to technicians.

"The 2135TiMax is unmatched for power, control and reliability in a half-inch Impactool," said Ron Ratell, Global Category Manager for Ingersoll Rand Garage Tools. "The 2115TiMax follows in the same tradition delivering unmatched power-to-size which is important for many technicians who rely on a 3/8-inch tool for working on smaller vehicles or reaching fasteners in tight spaces. Its lower weight makes it convenient to be used throughout their workday."

The company also has improved the feather touch trigger, enhanced the settings on the power regulator and improved the overall durability of the tool components.

With 10 percent more torque than the original model, the new Impactool is only 6 inches long and weighs only 2.5 pounds. The tool's twin-hammer mechanism delivers more power per pound, and is less sensitive to air pressure fluctuations.

The new housing offers improved air flow for greater power and includes a more ergonomic handle design and improved retention of the forward/reverse push-buttons. Along with the new housing, the hammer case was upgraded with an easy to access and higher-flow grease fitting as used on the 2135TiMax.

The new motor features a seven-vane rotor rather than previous six-vane motor in the 2115Ti that delivers more power with less weight.

Similar to the 2135, the new 2115TiMax also features a new power regulator offering a wider range of power selections in forward, along with a more durable feather-touch trigger mechanism.

For those interested in less noise, there will be a Quiet version.

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