Truck-Lite has introduced 7-inch LED headlamps to the heavy duty commercial vehicle market.
Truck-Lite's LED headlamp
Truck-Lite's LED headlamp
According to Truck-Lite, these are the first LED (light-emitting diode) headlamps in commercial production, and have currently entered service on a wide variety of military vehicles.

The 7-inch round white LED headlamps meet or exceed all applicable Department of Transportation requirements and all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards pertaining to headlights. The new LED headlamps can replace any standard 7-inch round headlight within 24-volt applications. They can be aimed using standard mechanical aiming equipment.

Each headlamp uses 10 Luxeon LEDs as its light source. The LED light output is brighter than traditional glass beam headlights, resulting in greater light projection. Truck-Lite LED headlamps are expected to last as much as 50 times longer than typical headlamps. The Luxeon technology will offer improved visibility over conventional incandescent, says Truck-Lite, as the color temperature of the assembly is around 5000 degree K, far closer to the sun light than incandescent or halogen lamps.

The headlamps feature potted circuit board assemblies for shock and vibration resistance and polycarbonate lenses that have 30 times more impact strength than glass. They have also undergone hot weather testing at military installations.

"Advanced headlight design adds safety and value to vehicles, as well as the widest array of design and engineering possibilities," says John Howells, Truck-Lite's vice president of sales, "since the small size of LEDs enables them to be seamlessly integrated into even the most sophisticated tractor design."

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