CGM Security Solutions introduced the TS4A tractor air brake lock.
This device is a permanent installation into any truck with an air brake, or any tractor, yard dog, school bus or construction equipment.

The device locks out the ability of a thief to move the vehicle by securing the air brake valve instantly upon setting the brake. None of the devices has ever been circumvented or bypassed and there are over 8,000 on the street. It is recommended by many insurance companies who may apply discounts to those willing to protect their equipment from unattended theft, according to the manufacturer.

The device is priced under $300 and it installs in about 20 minutes. It has no moving parts, it never wears, is non electronic and does not interfere with any warranties and it is transferable from truck to truck. It provides the driver an instant way to lock his vehicle at any time. No installation is required to use the TS4A.

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