Fontaine Parts Connection, Irondale, AL, introduced a new, full-color parts and service catalog that covers the complete line of Genuine Fontaine Parts for Fontaine fifth wheels, and also includes maintenance information.

The 20-page catalog brings together materials that had previously been spread among nearly 100 pages in multiple parts and schematics brochures.

"With this combined parts and service catalog, we have created a universal resource that is more user-friendly and informative for both service and parts personnel," explains Toby Harris, vice president of sales and marketing for Fontaine Parts Connection.

The catalog has been reconfigured to make it more convenient for customers to find the parts they need for their fifth wheels by stepping through the type of fifth wheel they are working on, rather than poring over lists of part numbers. Parts are arranged in kits, which are color-coded in illustrations for easy identification and ordering.

Also in the catalog are step-by-step No-Slack fifth-wheel preventive maintenance procedures and jaw and wedge adjustment instructions; frequently asked questions; and troubleshooting flow charts.

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