Arsenault Associates, Burlington, N.J., revised its user license pricing structure to make its fuel and cost saving Dossier technology affordable for small fleets with as few as 10 units.

The new graduated licensing structure lets a small fleet use the automated power of Dossier to manage their fleet assets, including equipment specifications, automated PM scheduling, license and permit renewals, fuel cost and cost per mile with gallon consumption and mpg management, repair order production with full maintenance history access, expense management of parts, labor and fixed costs with cost per mile or hour, equipment utilization, warranty tracking, control of work pending, manufacturer recalls and service campaign tracking, and full DOT maintenance documentation management.

Dossier also includes automated downtime tracking, fleet budget management, operational and cost benchmarking, equipment labeling and program access security.

As a small fleet's needs grow over time, their Dossier program can be upgraded to add automated management of parts inventory, personnel, supply and service vendors, tires, outside customers, numerous interfaces with external services and data providers, wireless data entry technologies and more. These upgrades/expansions are seamless and happen without loss of any data or history.

The new scaled-down Dossier licensing structure is available for installed software that is run on PCs and Networks, and it can also be inexpensively rented as an ASP service over Internet.

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