Amsoil introduced the heavy duty Ea By-Pass Filter (EaBP120) and mounting kit for the trucking and off-road markets.

The EaBP120 features the same synthetic nanofiber media as the rest of the Ea Oil Filter family. The EaBP120 removes 98.7 percent of all contaminants 2 microns in size or larger, and provides soot-removal efficiency of 39 percent for particles less than 1 micron in size.

It comes complete with a marine powder-coated finish for long filter life, even in extreme conditions. Amsoil recommends changing the EaBP120 every other full-flow filter change up to 90,000 miles. Extended oil drain intervals should always be accompanied by an oil analysis program.

The new Heavy Duty By-Pass Filter Mounting Kit comes with all necessary instructions, hose-end fittings and mounting bolts. Hose is available by the foot to complete the installation.

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