ASA Electronics, Elkhart, Ind.. offers the compact, aerodynamic Voyager Super CMOS Side Vision Cameras to the commercial vehicle and heavy duty markets.

These cameras, typically installed on the vehicle's front fenders, eliminate blind spots that surround larger vehicles and enhance visibility and safety. CMOS technology has allowed ASA Electronics to increase the picture quality of the camera, enhance nighttime vision and decrease camera size.

The Voyager Super CMOS cameras offer drivers the ability to see beyond the normal scope of vision provided by conventional mirrors. When paired with a Voyager Heavy Duty LCD observation monitor, they deliver high-quality, "real time" images that aid drivers in daily driving maneuvers such as backing up, changing lanes, merging, and making wide right turns.

The cameras are also "anti-blooming," which means direct light from headlights, sunrises/sunsets will not wash out the screen. The CMOS technology condenses that direct light so the halos and bright areas that can often appear around camera images are eliminated, thus making the cameras that much more effective in high bright (daytime) and low light (nighttime) environments. They are also compact and can be easily surface mounted on any application.

The Super CMOS cameras consist of a cylindrical camera enclosed in a waterproof (IPX7 rated), impact-resistant plastic housing. The housings come in chrome finish or gray (paintable) primer to blend in with any vehicle exterior. They feature 102° horizontal viewing angles, which allow drivers to see up to three and four lanes over without losing sight of the truck body/trailer, and have a mirrored (reversed) image orientation, a NTSC video output signal format, 0 Lux sensitivity and IR LED assisted illumination.

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