PulseTech Products, Southlake, Texas, introduced the Xtreme Charge X2, a ruggedly designed dual-station 12-volt maintenance charger.

In addition to providing dual station service to maintain and charge 12-volt batteries, Xtreme Charge X2 would equally apply to many dual battery 24-volt systems, which are composed of two 12-volt batteries connected in series, including heavy trucks.

The CUL approved Xtreme Charge X2 is designed to be a maintenance charger for any type of 12-volt lead-acid battery. During the initial connection, the charger automatically determines the appropriate rate of charge based on the battery's specific size and condition. It tests the battery continually for as long as it is connected to the charger to determine the optimal bulk or float charge rate. The test step also incorporates a Bad Battery indication if it determines the battery is either faulty and cannot be re-charged or is below 7 volts.

As part of the five-stage charging process, Xtreme Charge X2 continually Pulse Charges to minimize the size of lead sulfate crystals allowing the battery to accept as much charge as possible. This patented PulseTech process ensures that new batteries will stay in like-new condition while dramatically improving the performance and life expectancy of older batteries.

More info: www.xcautos.com/product_p/xc200.htm