ALK Technologies released PC*Miler Web Services 22, which delivers the latest PC*Miler data over the Internet to customers with virtually any kind of computer platform or operating system.

PC*Miler Web Services users include carriers, third-party logistics providers and shippers. Web Services are particularly helpful to companies with multiple locations, multiple versions of PC*Miler or mixed computer systems. For example, Web Services shipment data can pass through an AS/400-platform corporate server to a Windows or even Linux-based work station via the servers that host the service.

Virtually any other platform or operating system can be involved, including UNIX, Java, Perl and others. PC*Miler Web Services are available on any Internet-connected computer or network.

"It provides dependable truck-specific fuel-saving routes and directions for drivers, comprehensive map displays, and accurate mileage and tolls information," said Roy Schijns, vice president of sales for PC*Miler Solutions.

PC*Miler Web Services 22 incorporates a number of performance enhancements, including input structure definitions and API (Application Programming Interface) descriptions. These allow developers to upgrade their data within third-party applications. PC*Miler Web Services offers four Feature Option Levels - Lite, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. The Lite option offers core functionality. The three more full-featured versions provide additional capabilities including street-level routing, truck-specific toll costs and map display.

PC*Miler Web Services 22 includes the latest data, with more than 2.4 million new and revised truck restrictions, truck-specific toll costs by weight and axle, updated and improved U.S. and Canadian weight restrictions, 56,000 new and enhanced hazmat and dangerous goods restrictions and the ability to search, display and route to 9.5 million points of interest from infoUSA's extended U.S. business database.

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