Discrete Wireless, Atlanta,and Link It Software of Valencia, Calif., announced their partnership designed to offer vehicle and fleet owners a Web-based software tool to reduce fuel consumption by 15 percent or more.

The companies are combining Discrete Wireless's MARCUS GPS Fleet Management solution with Link It's EZ Maintenance Web (EZM Web).

Some of the benefits of the combined Web-based software offering include seamless feed vehicle mileage data via web services, hours of use, automatic updates of maintenance schedules, real-time maintenance alert generation, and more.

"EZM Web users can enter expected miles per gallon for each vehicle. If the mile per gallon falls below this setting, EZM Web immediately flags the user to check the vehicle," said Wayne McFarland, CEO of Link It. "This is critical; a problem as simple as a clogged air filter can reduce mileage by up to 40%."

"In addition, customers who use the combination of EZM Web and Discrete Wireless' GPS services know instantly when maintenance is due or if any of their vehicles need to be looked at because the mileage of the vehicle is far past the recommended maintenance period," McFarland continued. "This translates into ongoing reduction of fuel consumption, increased operating efficiencies, and longevity of vehicle life."

More info: www.ezm-web.com