Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems announced its "next generation" anti-lock braking system with enhanced electronic control unit.

Improvements to Meritor Wabco's ABS include:

• Advanced ABS performance: Additional features include hill-start aid for added functionality of automated manual transmissions, brake performance monitoring and integrated tire pressure monitoring.

• Stability Control Systems: This new system is available in both Electronic Stability Control and Roll Stability Control versions offering customers options in stability control systems to meet their individual needs.

• Electronic Stability Control: Building upon the current ESC, the new generation ABS incorporates features such as a more powerful micro controller with additional capabilities; all-wheel drive ESC applications, steerable tag axle applications and two modulated trailer control functions.

• Roll Stability Control: RSC offers the highest level of vehicle rollover stability in the marketplace today, according to the company, with fewer components, fewer maintenance requirements and lower cost.

• Collision safety with OnGuard: Using the ABS controller, another layer of vehicle control can be added through OnGuard, a forward-looking, radar-based adaptive cruise control system with active braking. OnGuard's radar sensor is capable of detecting multiple moving objects at distances up to 500 feet away. It quickly coordinates responses from the radar, engine and anti-lock braking systems to alert the driver and decelerate the vehicle when a safe vehicle following distance is compromised.

• Monitoring and telematics capabilities: Communicating over the tractor's data bus, status messages can be relayed to an onboard computer with telematics capabilities. Fleet managers at home base can correlate stability and braking events with precise time and location data, or use exception-based reporting to determine whether a vehicle requires maintenance.

• Improved diagnostics and event recording: The new system allows for the capture of data about braking and stability events, creating a record of accurate, detailed information that fleet managers can use to identify trends and build more effective driver training programs.

"This 'next generation' incorporates the proven performance of the previous platform and adds enhancements in ABS, stability control and collision safety for bus, coach, military, tractor and straight-truck applications," said Jon Morrison, president and general manager of Meritor Wabco Vehicle Control Systems. Morrison added the anti-lock braking system is the foundation for the company's Pyramid of Safety Systems, including OnGuard Collision Safety System, Electronic Stability Control, Roll Stability Control, and advanced diagnostics and communications capabilities.

Meritor Wabco is a joint venture of ArvinMeritor and Wabco Automotive Control Systems Inc.