Xantrex Technology launched two next-generation battery monitors designed for the mobile market, including commercial fleet vehicles.

The LinkPro battery monitor, a high-performance monitor, and the LinkLite battery monitor, an affordable alternative, both accurately and easily provide users with key battery data at a glance.

The new battery monitors give users the ability to easily read their battery bank like a fuel gauge, providing fingertip access to voltage statistics, battery capacity, charge and discharge current. Users can view all of these details on a clear, backlit LCD display, with instant recall available by pressing a button.

The LinkPro represents the evolution of the Xantrex Battery Monitor (XBM). The LinkPro now offers multiple new features, including simultaneous voltage monitoring of a second battery bank and expanded amp-hour capacity that is five times greater than the XBM, allowing users to monitor a larger battery bank for an extended period of time. Additional options available solely on the LinkPro include a temperature sensor and a communications kit for use with a computer.

The LinkLite Battery Monitor is a more affordable alternative to the LinkPro, with fewer features. It is the first inexpensive battery monitor that allows users to monitor two battery banks simultaneously, according to the company.

Both models feature an easy-to-install design with a round bezel, and come equipped with an internal programmable alarm relay that runs a generator when needed, or automatically turns off devices when the battery voltage exceeds programmable limits.

More info: www.xantrex.com