Daimler Trucks North America has released a new podcast on its web site about the incorporation of selective catalyst reduction (SCR) technology into its Detroit Diesel engines.
. The podcast describes how the new technology provides cleaner emissions, while improving fuel economy.

Chris Patterson, president and CEO of DTNA, outlines the benefits of using BlueTec technology as the company prepares for the next round of EPA regulations in 2010. He will also provide historical context to the economy in terms of trucking sales, as well as giving an outlook as to when conditions might improve.

BlueTec represents the latest in clean diesel engine technology and will incorporate the enhanced performance of Detroit Diesel's recently introduced DD15 engine and its future family of engines, including the DD13 and DD16.

The podcast also features Mike Delaney, DTNA senior vice president of marketing who discusses just why BlueTec and Selective Catalytic Reduction is the best option for engine manufacturers.

"BlueTec technology has been thoroughly tested and proven in real world applications," Delaney said. "Daimler alone already has more than 100,000 trucks in operation using SCR, and it has proven itself to be sound and effective."

According to DTNA research, both testing and real world operations in Europeare are showing 3 to 5 percent improvement in fuel economy.

To view the podcast: www.daimler-trucksnorthamerica.com/news/mediaroom/featurearticle/