Tenstreet, Tulsa, Okla., launched Tenstreet Xtend, a new retention service providing the foundation to establish effective communications channels between employees and management to quickly identify and correct issues/concerns that need immediate attention.

"Our proprietary software and services enables employees and drivers to feel more connected to their employers," said Craig Johnson, CEO of Tenstreet. "That, in turn, helps reduce driver turnover, builds driver loyalty, while giving fleets the opportunity to run their operations more profitably and efficiently with the best possible group of drivers."

Tenstreet Xtend, added Johnson, can be particularly helpful during the first 90 days of a new driver's hiring - a period in which most accidents occur and turnover rates are especially high. Tenstreet staff support the program by providing custom-made metrics and call-out reports, as well as providing personal contact with drivers to track issues and provide solutions.

More info: www.tenstreet.com