Truck-Lite introduced a new line of deflector mounts engineered of high-impact polymers with top and bottom ridges with mounting holes designed to fit 19 Series lamp mounts and to allow easy retrofitting to the recess-mounted 33 Series lamps.

"Many operators have voiced their interest in replacing older lamps with the new 33s." said John Howells, vp sales. "Others want the extra protection for the 33s they already had. The new Deflector Mounts satisfy both needs."

Mounts are available for corner mounting on trailers with both angled and rounded corners. They use "PC" - Rated lamps, those with optics specifically designed to be viewed on a 45-degree angle. The deflector mounts are available in white polycarbonate and grey ABS plastics. Both are highly impact resistant.

Truck-Lite also offers grommets to seal mounting holes. Grommets fit either 0.070-inch to 0.125-inch thick surfaces, or 0.125-inch to 0.250-inch thick surfaces. Made of black EPDM, these sealing grommets maintain a watertight seal up to 1000 psi. They are helpful when pressure washing trailers. The grommets also protect from penetration by spray carrying corrosive snow- and ice-fighting chemicals.

Flange mounts for 33 Series lamps protect from theft by locking the lamps in place. Their snap-in design eliminates the need for tools and reduces mounting time.

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