After a series of efficiency tests on a variety of aftermarket diesel fuel filters, the Delphi Diesel filter, which is the OE fitment on one-in-five Common Rail diesel engines, performed 26 times better then the rest, when filtering 4 particless.
The Delphi Diesel filter was also the only one with a working recirculation system, the manufacturer says.

The modern Common Rail diesel engine has a complex fuel delivery system, which is sensitive to contamination from minute particles of dirt, air, water or wax. If these particles are not prevented from passing through the filter, they can quickly cause terminal damage to the injectors, pump or the entire system. By installing a filter that does not meet the vehicle manufacturer's specification, a workshop can invalidate the manufacturer's warranty and possibly be liable for any resulting damage.

The Delphi Diesel Common Rail filter meets OE specification and offers a Common Rail Filters brochure and poster that highlight the importance of using the correct filtration to assist fitters.

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