Haas GPS, Culver City, CA introduced the Haas Text-N-Track H1000 GPS Tracker for enhanced vehicle security and monitoring.

The system offers standard features that enable owners to locate their vehicle in real-time via cell phone or computer, receive alerts if the vehicle is stolen or towed, set maximum speed limits, geographic boundaries and curfew times and receive immediate notification if any conditions have been violated. The H1000 has many applications for tracking vehicles, including sales managers monitoring field sales calls, rental car companies, or managers of large fleets of vehicles. Some insurance companies offer discounts for vehicles equipped with the GPS Tracker.

The H1000 can also keep track of vehicle maintenance schedules (oil changes, tune-ups, etc.), and will alert the owner when the vehicle's battery starts to run down. In addition to its standard features, several optional features can be included, such as remote door lock/unlock, "Car-Find", which can locate a vehicle in a parking lot by flashing the lights and honking the horn, and Starter Interrupt, which prevents unauthorized use of the vehicle. The system can 'supercharge' the vehicle's alarm system by notifying the owner if the alarm is triggered. The H1000 features can be tailored to the customer's needs on a home computer.

Once installed, the system comes with 90 days of unlimited two-way communication, and continued operation is on an annual subscription basis equaling $15 per month. An optional five year $5,000 performance warranty is available for $100 payable in the event the vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days.

More info: www.haasgps.com