Chevron Products Company announced that beginning July 14, it will transition from its current duel-branded Chevron and Texaco Commercial and Industrial lubricant product lines to a single line under the Chevron name in the United States and Canada.

The company will offer the strongest products from both lubricant lines; where comparable Chevron and Texaco products exist, the product with the most market equity will remain. The outcome, says the company, will be a single Chevron lubricant portfolio combining the best technologies from the Texaco and Chevron C&I lines.

For instance, Chevron RPM LE 15W-40 (diesel engine oil) will be replaced by Texaco Ursa Super Plus EC 15W-40, because the Ursa Super Plus EC brand has greater market equity. Once the transition takes place, the Ursa Super Plus EC product will maintain its current formulation, but will be rebranded Chevron Ursa Super Plus EC 15W-40 Similarly, Texaco customers buying product under such brands as Texaco Extended Life Coolants will be redirected to the exact same formulation sold as Delo Extended Life Coolants.

Chevron's Delo product family will remain as the company's premier line of commercial-grade diesel lubricants. The Delo product family is not impacted by the transition. All Delo products available before the transition will be available after.

There is no impact on the company's consumer products, including Texaco Havoline motor oils.

The company expects the transition to take up to 90 days.