Delco Remy introduced its 36SI alternator featuring increased performance and durability.

The 36SI is a brushless design with fewer parts, meaning fewer wear items, increasing its durability and life. This technology transfers electrical current between the rotor and stator air-gap; eliminating the need for brushes. Most models also have Remote Sense; a second wire reads the actual voltage that's coming from the alternator and signals the alternator to boost its output to compensate for voltage drop cutting battery charge time.

Features such as airflow vents, enhanced field coil design, and larger negative heat sink bridge help improve efficiency and reduce overall operating temperature for improved cooling and durability.

The 36SI provides charging solutions for a variety of applications, including over the road trucks with sleeper loads, refuse trucks with electrical braking systems, and delivery and lift gate applications. It comes in three different mount configurations; a J180 hinge mount, a J180 quad mount and a pad mount.

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