Amalgamated Inc., Fort Wayne, Ind., has announed two new premium fuel-saving diesel additives, one for winter, one for summer.

TDR-PDA-S was developed as a warm-weather additive formula with proprietary chemicals to enhance fuel efficiency. According to the company, a savings of 5 percent to 7 percent per gallon has been documented. This is accomplished by raising the cetaine number, more effectively burning the fuel in the engine, increasing lubricity, reducing carbon buildup, improving detergency for injector and fuel system cleannliness and optmizing combusion and Btu confersion.

TDR-PDA-W is designed to improve fuel efficiency and vehicle starting in low ambient temperatures. It has been field tested to increase fuel economy by 5 to 7 percent per gallon, reports the company. This is a cold-weather addtiive with proprietary wax dispersig additives to allow diesel fuels to flow through fuel filters and diesel vehicles to operate in temperatrues 20 to 30 degress below the fuel's cloud point.

Amalgamated Inc. is a custom blender of fuel improvement chemicals for all distillates.

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