StarTrak Systems has integrated its ReeferTrak system with the PLC4Trucks tractor identification system.

This allows ReeferTrak to automatically report, via wireless communications, the unique ID of the tractor when the refrigerated trailer is connected to it. This guarantees that the assigned tractor is picking up the correct trailer, eliminating driver intervention and possible error.

"This function enhances ReeferTrak's ability to capture the exact time stamp of trailer drop off and pick up activities for customers who perform significant drop and hook operations as part of their delivery process," said Tom Robinson, StarTrak's executive vice president.

The Hegemon PLC4Trucks unit transmits a unique, programmable, digital ID number at customer-specified intervals. This signal is transmitted between the tractor and the trailer using the existing seven-pin wiring harness as the pathway. The signal is read by ReeferTrak, which records the connection between tractor and trailer. This connection is then included as part of the wireless data transmission from the trailer.

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