Heil Environmental has updated its Half/Pack front loaders to improve integration with the Curotto-Can automated system.
The Curotto-Can is compatible with every model of Heil Half/Pack, including the lightweight Half/Pack Sierra Western U.S. front loader.

The Curotto-Can system consists of an extendable arm attached to a collection can. The system is mounted onto a front loader's forks to enable haulers to use the refuse collection vehicle for automated refuse and recycling collection in addition to commercial collection. Heil has also added the Curotto-Can to its price guide as a standard factory option, so customers can order it as part of a residential front loader package.

Heil engineered a method to attach the Curotto-Can to the Half/Pack front loader's forks, incorporating the spacers on the Curotto-Can itself. As a result, it can still pick up 8-cubic-yard and 10-cubic yard commercial containers, making the design a better solution for mixed routes. The front loader offers payloads up to 1,200 pounds per cubic yard, a packer cycle time of 22 to 26 seconds and arm cycle times of 18 to 20 seconds.

Half/Pack users also can dump the Curotto-Can automatically using Heil's optional AutoLift function. The forks self-adjust to properly position the can throughout the dumping cycle.

More info: www.heil.com