Prophesy Dispatch v5.6 now generates optimized fuel plans for dispatched loads and electronically sends them to the cell phone or on-board computer of the assigned driver.
Customers enrolled in the Prophesy software maintenance programs will receive this update free of charge.

"Prophesy saves trucking companies an average of 6-8 cents per gallon, or an estimated $1,000 per year per truck, with our industry-preferred FuelLogic solution," said Edward Forman, Prophesy president and CEO. "The current and projected rising fuel prices have made this component a critical addition for many of our customers."

Optimal fuel solutions can be requested and quickly generated within the dispatch booking screen. The system electronically sends the optimized fuel solution, including detailed information about the fuel stop (city/state, number of gallons to purchase, current price, phone number, and road/exit information) to the assigned driver.

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