ALK Technologies released the PC*Miler 22 product line, an upgrade of its routing, mileage and mapping software solutions.
The line offers new and updated truck restrictions and allowances, toll costs by weight and axle, custom vehicle dimension routing, and real-time fuel optimization.

PC*Miler Tolls 22 includes truck-specific toll costs by vehicle weight and axle count. Exact tolls costs are calculated based on the departure location, vehicle dimension, route preference, type of toll (cash or discount program), and destination. A single user license with four quarterly updates is included at no charge for a limited time.

PC*Miler 22 also includes features and benefits such as the ability to generate routes based on custom vehicle dimensions by height, length, width and weight to ensure that the most optimal route is calculated. The software is also equipped with an automatic update feature so that users can download software and data updates online.

Fuel Optimization is now included, providing optimized fuel purchase plans based on daily prices. PC*Miler Fuel Optimization integrates these fueling plans into routes, driving directions and maps. With constantly changing fuel prices, optimized fuel purchase plans can save 4 to 11 cents per gallon - an average savings of $1,200 per truck per year, says the company.

PC*Miler 22 includes 1.8 million weight restrictions and allowances. Information was provided by state and local municipalities, and improvements were made across the U.S. and Canada. Updates include critical changes in Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, West Virginia, North Dakota, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. PC*Miler 22 also features more than 2,800 new height restrictions.

More than 9.5 million U.S. points of interest are now included within PC*Miler, including truckstops, rest areas, official weigh stations and Cat Scales. PC*Miler 22 also allows users to import custom locations such as company specific locations, pickup/delivery sites and customer locations.

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