Glacier Bay recently launched a no-idle HVAC solution for Class 8 sleeper cabs.
The ClimaCab electric system uses zero fuel, requires zero maintenance, and has zero emissions.

ClimaCab's high voltage, continuously variable speed compressors and blowers deliver 8,000 BTU/hrs of air conditioning for over 12 hours. The self-contained unit was designed for driver comfort and requires zero maintenance.

The Power Management Module responds continuously and in real time to external temperature changes, load requirements, and battery charge levels. The system recharges during normal truck operation and is compatible with 135-amp alternators. Improved battery performance provides longer life, and its "Start Assist" feature eliminates jump starts by recharging fully depleted starter batteries.

ClimaCab also uses radiant heat transfer, an application developed for the trucking industry. Installed over the bunk, ClimaCab Radiant Heat Panels warm the driver directly, offering comfort while using minimal battery power. For customers preferring fuel-fired heaters, ClimaCab offers this option as well.

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