R-O-M Corp. introduced the DuroMatic Self-Closing Strip Door for the food distribution industry.
The system is ideal for refrigerated trucks and trailer applications where product integrity, driver productivity and reduced wear on cooling systems are integral to efficient operations, according to the company.

R-O-M's DuroMatic Strip Door combines the temperature control benefits of PVC strip doors with the driver-friendly benefits of a curtain that opens and automatically closes once the driver and load are out of the unit. By keeping warm, moist air out of the refrigerated compartment, high-run defrost cycles are greatly reduced. In addition, the easy open and self-closing feature eliminates the need for drivers to cut or tie back the strips during product off-loading, thus defeating the purpose of having a temperature control strip door in the first place.

The system may be installed on side and rear access doors up to 48 inches wide and is fully self-contained, so no lubrication, electrical or pneumatic power is required. After the ramp is deployed and the hand truck loaded, the driver pulls a handle to open the curtain and off-loads the product with easy visibility. The DuroMatic strips automatically retract, maintaining cool temperatures and keeping warm, moist air out of the unit.

More info: www.duromaticdoors.com