Magtec Products added a new speed and idle management feature to its M5K onboard safety and security device.
SIM enables the carrier to remotely set and control speed thresholds and idle time, all in real time.

"We recognized the severe impact fuel prices are having on the transportation industry and wanted to find a way to implement valuable fuel economy initiatives through our technology," said Robert Morisset, Magtec president and CEO. "While speed limiters are already built into most engines, it requires someone to service each truck to set or adjust them. With SIM, the dispatcher simply sends a signal to the M5K on a vehicle to remotely and instantly set speed thresholds or idle time."

In addition to the new speed and idle management feature, the M5K offers productivity solutions such as eliminating the need for team drivers on high-value short hauls with features such as keyless driver authentication and unattended idle protect. Magtec leverages data available during the operation of fleet vehicles to analyze, calculate and track all driver-related information and then triggers, or allows dispatch to trigger, the appropriate procedures to keep the vehicles secure and drivers in compliance -- all in real time.

When interfaced with a communications provider, the system can be managed from a dispatch or monitoring center and offers features such as remote driver code management tamper notification to dispatch and Magtec's proprietary Acceleration Control System. ACS enables dispatchers to remotely limit the acceleration capability of the vehicle and reduce the speed in preset increments so it can be brought to a safe and controlled stop.

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