Truck-Lite released a LED work lamp in a white housing that produces 324 lumens, from 150 percent to more than double the light output of competitive work lights.
They generate full brightness at only 8.5 volts for 12-volt models, 21-volt for 24-volt models. Both 12- and 24-volt models have over-voltage protection.

Incorporating a white glossy housing, the lamp was developed initially for marine applications. The rugged, die cast aluminum powder coat housing with polycarbonate lens system is designed to stand up to adverse environmental and atmospheric elements.

Mounting hardware is stainless steel. The polycarbonate lens system consists of three elements. The white circuit board is designed to maximize reflection. An inner lens gathers and concentrates light before it is transmitted through the outer lens. That lens is tailored to the specific application. It determines if the light output will be trapezoidal for a work lamp, or a spot or flood pattern.

"Work lights have been treated as an afterthought by the lighting industry," said Brad Van Riper, senior VP and chief technical officer. "Truck-Lite analyzed various lighting needs for diverse user groups, and developed the new LED work lamp to meet those needs. The lamp provides full brightness at only 8.5 volts so virtually no function is lost if high loads or corrosion reduce voltage to the lamp."