The Super 50 Junction Box by Truck-Lite was developed for trailers with greater ability to operate in chemically harsh environments and protection for increased electrical complexity.

To fight corrosion, the Super 50 Junction Box is made from chemically and electrically inert, impact-resistant ABS plastic. A clear lid allows easy inspection of wiring inside the box. The assembly is sealed from corrosive agents with a silicone gasket. The box, which has 16 terminal studs with four common grounds, is fed by up to 12 cables entering through any of 12 pre-tapped ports that accept either filler plugs or compression fittings. The capacity of the Super 50 Junction Box is for 50 percent more circuits than ordinary boxes provide.

Four mounting holes on the base (but outside the sealed interior) are eyelet-reinforced for increased durability and to maintain the integrity of the box.

"Corrosion resistance was a prime consideration in the design of the Super 50 box," said Brad Van Riper, vice president, research and development. "Anyone who has attended a TMC meeting in the past five years knows how much of a concern corrosion has become to truckers. That's why we designed the Super 50 to exclude all corrosive agents, and to isolate any base metal from sprays and vapors."