At the recent Mid-America Trucking Show, Utility Trailer showcased a new design of its 4000D-X Dry Van featuring a new proprietary composite wall for less impact damage and greater durability.

The Utility sidewall panel design features a high-density polyurethane foam construction "sandwiched" between the high-strength inner and outer skins, forming a composite that securely bonds them together. The result is stronger, stiffer composite panel that absorbs more energy.

The new composite panel design of Utility's 4000D-X sidewall is a lightweight and stronger panel that provides a perfect upgrade from conventional plate trailers. It includes 80,000 psi galvanized steel interior panels as part of composite that offers more durability and less maintenance. A Polyurethane foam core bonds the outer skin with the inner lining panel to uniformly absorb the sidewall load; and when coupled with Utility's heavy-duty wearband options it extends the trailer's duty cycle. Also, an improved thin-wall composite design extends the life of trailer, reduces maintenance costs and provides a higher resale value.