Miller's new Renegade 180 is the first all-in-one wire welder/generator that is operable using its built-in generator or 230V, single-phase "wall" power.
Miller's Renegade 180
Miller's Renegade 180

The Renegade 180 eliminates the need to own both a welding generator for field welding and a traditional MIG welder for the shop.

It can weld mild steel from 24 gauge to 5/16-inch and produce 5,000 watts peak power for running power tools, lights, and even a plasma cutter. It comes standard with a 12-foot welding gun; however, the optional Spoolmate 3035 spool gun and extension allows the gun to reach up to 45 feet away from the power source.

It can also be configured to weld steel using the MIG or FCAW process. In addition, the Spoolmate 3035 or Spoolmate 100 spool guns enable the Renegade 180 to weld aluminum along with mild and stainless steel.

Available in either recoil or electric start, the Renegade employs a 10-horsepower Kohler engine with a 1.8 gallon fuel tank, which allows it to run for up to three hours under a continuous load of 3,000 watts.

It comes standard with running gear, making it truly one-man portable. The unit is compact, saving space on a shop floor or in a truck bed. Additional features include a calibrated tension knob, providing simplified drive roll tension adjustments between solid and flux-cored wire; polarity changeover terminals that make is easy to change from MIG to FCAW; and the ability to use either 4-inch or 8-inch spools of wire. A variety of accessories is also available.