Reyco Granning says its new 86AR/RS3035 Air Ride Slider is durable and has the potential to extend tire life.

The 86AR/RS3035 is designed for all standard heavy-duty trailer applications, including dry freight and refrigerated vans. This series is one of the most durable trailers suspension systems the company has ever built, according to company officials.

Fleets equipped with the suspension can expect to experience up to 34,000 miles per 32nd of tread, for a number of reasons:

• Patented track-rod design that ensures less side-to-side sway and tire wear

• Opposing axle configuration that provides increased vehicle stabilization and decreased tread wear

• Vertical shock-absorber placement that offers a counter balance to tough road conditions, which can eat treads alive

• Firmer bushings that provide less deflection and greater weight resistance, adding thousands of miles to tire life

• An alignment system that uses simple hand tools which means fleets can make alignment part of their regular preventive maintenance program and ensure better tire life.

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