Freightliner Trucks has added air disc brakes to its factory-installed options for its Class 8 commercial vehicles,
including the Cascadia, Columbia, Coronado and Century Class S/T.
The new Bendix ADB22X-V Air Disc Brake, designed specifically for 22.5-inch steel and aluminum wheels, is the only disc brake on the market compatible with all 22.5-inch wheel combinations without any limitations and approved for all on-highway applications, according to Freightliner. The disc brakes are compatible with drum brake-equipped trailers. These air disc brakes can be spec'd without the usual suspension and wheel restrictions. They are available with drive axles offered on Freightliner models, but only in combination with steer axles produced by Axle Alliance Corp.
Service life and maintenance intervals for Freightliner Trucks air disc brakes are better than standard drum brakes. The air disc brake design provides better stopping performance, less brake fade and easier maintenance. Truckers engaged in the transport of dangerous goods, those with a high degree of concern about the safe operation of their vehicles and applications requiring frequent stop-and-go driving will see their bottom line impacted, said Melissa Kellogg, director of product marketing for Freightliner Trucks.
"The air disc brakes are a better choice because stop time is improved and easier and faster brake maintenance allows for less downtime, impacting the bottom line for owner and driver," Kellogg said.
The air disc brake system will be available for order in June 2008.
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