Reyco Granning introduced what it says is the industry's first viable Class
8 independent front suspension, creating a new category for front suspensions that allows Class 8 vehicles to attain automobile-type handling, with minimal cost and weight penalty.

"This suspension offers a ride so smooth, it may eliminate the need for a cab suspension," said Greg Richardson, Vice President of Engineering. "And with lower weight than IFS designs currently used on buses and motorhomes, it will keep vehicles running more profitably."

The Class 8 IFS, designed for over-the-road trucks and trailers, claims to be easy to install, easier to service, and promises to fit into existing assembly lines with little or no disruption.

Reyco Granning's Class 8 IFS is designed to work with either a conventional steering box or rack and pinion steering. Other features include anti-dive geometry, which keeps the nose of the vehicle stable during stops. A steering linkage design virtually eliminates bump steer. Separate load inputs distribute the load across the frame, preventing less pull and weight resistance.

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