Thermo King has developed a diesel particulate filter for its TriPac Hybrid Auxiliary Idle Reduction and Temperature Management System.

The DPF is designed to meet APU emissions requirements required by the California Air Resources Board for APUs running in California. The TriPac DPF has been submitted for CARB approval and is expected to be available Spring 2008.

In addition to being designed to meet CARB regulations, the TriPac DPF offers several other features important to drivers and owners. Regeneration, the process of burning off particulate matter trapped in the filter element, takes place during normal driving hours with no disruption to the driver during rest periods. Extended APU runtime between regenerations assures minimal driver involvement and makes regeneration the exception rather than the rule.

The TriPac DPF won't reduce fuel economy and places no extra strain on the APU. The filter also reduces engine noise, making the TriPac system even quieter.

The TriPac DPF has nine different mounting options, enabling easy installation on most modern tractors despite the trend of less available frame rail space. The DPF is also designed for minimal maintenance to reduce costs and downtime.

The DPF will be available as an aftermarket or OE option to support both current and new customers and is backed by the more than 200 locations of the Thermo King Dealer Network.

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