Hunter has introduced the WT200 series premium alignment system for heavy-duty trucks.

The WT200 introduces both hardware and software advances that improve the efficiency and accuracy of heavy- and light-duty alignment service.
A wide selection of new cabinet and widescreen LCD monitor configurations is available to fit a range of shop, floor space and portability requirements.
WinAlign HD software provides simple, step-by-step procedures and instructions that allow technicians to perform alignments more quickly, equaling more alignments per day. The software supports more than 50 heavy-duty axle configurations with dozens of truck/trailer, bus and dolly manufacturer configurations and an extensive database of specifications, as supplied by major heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers.
WinAlign HD software also includes the patented WinToe feature, a quick and easy way to align Freightliner's new rack and pinion steering without having to re-center the steering wheel.
The WT200 systems use DSP506T heavy-duty wheel sensors to provide instantaneous data transfer between the sensors and the alignment system. Each sensor contains a high-speed microprocessor, which processes data at each wheel before sending the information to the console.
The optional cordless models use XF-Radio technology to provide high-speed communication without cables connecting the sensors to the console. The cordless sensor batteries power a full day of continuous operation and are "hot-swapable", ensuring compensation measurements are not lost during battery replacement. The sensors are accurate to 600 inches to cover any length truck, bus or trailer.
Depending on shop capabilities or the particular vehicle being serviced, the WT200 can be set up to perform alignments on either a flat floor or on a rack for convenience.
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