Michelin Americas Truck Tires has expanded its line of wide base single tires to include the on-/off-road applications.

The Michelin X One XZY3 tire is an all-position radial tire designed for optimized weight savings and significant fuel savings in on-/off-road operations.
The X One XZY3 tire features a long tread life using a special compound with outstanding chip and cut resistance needed for an off-road application. With an original tread depth of 23/32, the tire's flat and stable contact patch reduces irregular wear thanks to Michelin Infini-Coil Technology, which features a quarter-of-a-mile of steel cable wrapped circumferentially around the casing to eliminate casing growth.
Enhanced protection from stone drilling is provided by variable pitch groove walls and groove bottom protectors in the center grooves. The X One XZY3 tire provides a reinforced bead package featuring a wide metallic chafer which leads to great bead durability and resistance to heat, which is common in stop/start applications. The aggressive shoulder design delivers outstanding wet and soft soil traction, while Michelin's co-extrusion rubber technology provides cooler on-road operating temperatures at speeds up to 75 mph.
The X One XZY3 tire is available in a 445/55R22.5 size.