DriverTech LLC has integrated ALK's CoPilot Truck navigation into its tri-mode mobile communications and onboard computing system.

CoPilot Truck provides drivers with spoken and displayed, turn-by-turn, truck-specific directions. The DriverTech TruckPC onboard computer offers full-color, PC-quality display and functionality in the truck cab and lowest-cost mobile communications versatility. This CoPilot Truck integration is entirely onboard and requires no costly mobile messaging fees.
CoPilot Truck provides truck-specific, spoken, dock-to-dock directions throughout the United States and Canada . With the DriverTech integration, the CoPilot Truck software and database resides completely on the DriverTech device. While other systems transmit locations and driving directions over communications channels, there is no data transmission cost associated with a driver's use of CoPilot Truck with DriverTech. Wireless connectivity is not required, improving reliability and performance.
CoPilot Truck was the first GPS navigation system specifically designed for company drivers, owner operators and leased operators and is based on ALK's PC*Miler routing and mileage software.
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