Uro Shackle & Suspension Systems has developed a product family of free-rotation, ellipsoid straddle mount and tapered torque rod bushings for a variety of applications.

The "E" Life Series is designed to have high durability with increased service life three to five greater than the original equipment bushings and other aftermarket supplied components. The new bushing cartridges are designed to extend component life while improving overall vehicle handling, as well as offering lower maintenance costs overall.
The free rotational design of the Uro "E" Life Series System provides superior suspension control over windup and corresponding frame rise. The new series is claimed to offer optimum performance for vehicles that have air ride suspensions and severe service vocational suspensions.
Uro Systems offers a three-year warranty and a detailed coverage for most Class 6, 7 & 8 vehicle front and rear suspension systems.
Additionally, Uro Systems offers maintenance-free shackles for front suspensions. The shackle system has a freely rotating spring pin design and a specially formulated elastomer. The rotational design of the Uro Front Shackle System extends component life and improves overall vehicle handling and ride quality as well as offering lower maintenance costs and increased service life. Uro Systems also offers a three-year parts and labor warranty on its Front Shackle Systems.
For more information: www.urobushings.com.