SKF now provides a unique all-in-one rebuild kit that contains everything needed to service ConMet's PreSet hub assemblies.

The kit includes two specific and tightly toleranced half stand tapered bearing sets, an SKF Scotseal PIusXL wheel seal, an SKF TF Hubcap (when applicable) and a precision machined PreSet bearing spacer.
ConMet introduced the PreSet hub assembly in 1995. In 2002, the SKF Scotseal PlusXL became the OE standard in the PreSet hub assemblies. Beginning in 2007, ConMet approved SKF specially toleranced tapered bearing sets for installation in its PreSet wheel end product line.
Using the kit instead of off-the-shelf components has several benefits. All of the kit's parts are manufactured to SKF's and ConMet's specifications, so you can expect the same kind of reliability and performance from your rebult wheel end as the original. Installation is simpler, with one procedure regardless of axle type, and no need for complicated torqueing and use of a dial indicator. By installing the SKF rebuild kit for PreSet, you receive an extended three-year warranty on the SKF wheel end components.
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