Wix Filters has released its new 2008 Master Catalog, which includes more than 1,900 pages of part types
listed by size and category, schematics, technical service bulletins and installation tips.
The catalog includes reference information for every oil, air, cabin air, fuel, coolant, hydraulic and specialty filter Wix manufactures. And for the first time, the Wix Filters Light Duty Application Catalog includes Canadian passenger car and light truck models as well as spin-on fuel filters with open bottoms.
The catalog's product section, which includes 315 new SKUs in 2008, provides the functionality customers need to locate parts by dimensions and segments Wix Filter part types by size and category, including the growing cabin air category.
The 2008 Wix Filters Master Catalog is made up of three catalogs: the 2008 Wix Filters Application Catalog for heavy duty tucks, buses, and off-highway vehicles; the 2008 Wix Filters Application Catalog for passenger cars, trucks, and vans; and the 2008 Interchange & Product Numeric Catalog, including technical service bulletins.
The 2008 Wix Filters Master Catalogs are available on CD-ROM, and product information can also be accessed at www.wixfilters.com.