Truck Works Inc., Phoenix, which makes custom-built tanker bodies, announced it has a new, cost-effective technology for corrosion resistance.

This new solution involves an old technology: Hot Dip Galvanizing (HDG) Transportation Tanks.
"The potable water industry primarily servicing volume drinking water distribution and dust abatement equipment will be revolutionized by this innovative new concept TWI has developed and will deliver a cleaner safer product," said owner and founder Colin Dickinson.
In the past, TWI says, customer options were limited to stainless steel or an epoxy coating over bare steel to provide corrosion resistance. Stainless steel's downside was increased cost. Epoxy coating, if it is damaged, incorrectly applied, or not properly maintained, will result in exposure of the bare metal surface and resulting corrosion.
TWI's HDG process also cuts down on service repairs, according to the company, eliminating the need to replace the tank as frequently.
TWI is currently testing the product and is in the formal process of acquiring potability certification from the National Sanitary Foundation. After certification is received, TWI will expand the availability of this process for use in other markets. This HDG process is currently available in 500- to 4,000-gallon configurations.
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