RouteTracker is an electronic on board recorder (EOBR) that combines GPS and engine diagnostics information for small, medium and large vehicle fleets.

The web-based GPS and engine diagnostic reporting suite includes hard brake events, speed, idling, odometer readings, fault codes, power take off and fuel efficiency. It also offers options for electronic hours of service and fully automated IFTA fuel tax reporting.
There are a number of reports available. For instance, the vehicle scorecard report allows carriers to manage vehicle and driver safety. This report ranks each vehicle based on customer defined thresholds and parameters. The report then scores them using the percentage of over speed, percentage of over RPM, percentage of idle time and hard brake usage.
The device installs in less than 10 minutes per vehicle and can connect with handheld devices such as cellular phones, PDAs, or others using Bluetooth technology.
For more information, visit or call 1-800-790-9018.