Horton Inc. has introduced the new higher-torque EC600 electromagnetic on/off fan drive designed for use on medium-duty trucks, buses and off-highway equipment.

The new fan drive features 1,500 inch/pounds dynamic out of box torque, compared to 850 inch/pounds of Horton's EC450 fan drive.
The EC600 fan drive delivers efficient, rapid cooling. It engages only when needed-about 10 percent of the time. This precise engine temperature control ensures that the vehicle operates at maximum fuel efficiency and horsepower and can haul heavier loads and scale steeper grades with minimal drag. Other benefits of this system's performance include faster engine warming, more heat to passenger and drive compartments and improved air conditioning.
The EC600 requires minimal installation and features zero lifetime maintenance. It is ideal for vehicles without air brakes and those in highly regulated, cost-conscious environments around the world. Current applications for the product include Freightliner, Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks.
For product details, visit www.hortonww.com/ec600, or call (800) 621-1320.