Safety Pumping Systems (SPS) says its complete line of Safety Bumps and Safety Locks are now available through PT Coupling Co., headquartered in Enid, Okla.
Safety Bumps replace traditional cam and groove caps and plugs,
providing a comfortable handle for the driver's hand and a "bump" that extends beyond the hose fittings and ears, preventing them from being damaged.
Safety Bump reduces the chances for injury to the driver's hands and enables safer handling of transport hoses. Safety Bumps save money by significantly extending the life of transport hoses by protecting the expensive hose fittings from damage as the hoses are dropped and dragged on the ground. By significantly reducing hose repair and replacement costs, Safety Bumps quickly pay for themselves.
Safety Lock eliminates spills due to cam lock ears opening up during deliveries. Safety Locks, patent pending, replace unreliable straps with an easy-to-install and easy-to-remove, heavy duty "clip" that clicks into place over the ears.
"PT Coupling's network of authorized resellers ensures that Safety Bump and Safety Lock products are now available to the broader industrial hose market," said Dale Sheets, chief operating officer for Safety Pumping Systems.
Safety Pumping Systems supplies innovative solutions for the transport and industrial hose industries. In addition to Safety Bump and Safety Lock, SPS offers a complete line of patented pump systems, fittings and accessories that are installed on hazardous liquid transport vehicles.
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