PetroLiance LLC has expanded its Medallion Plus product line by introducing a proven line of proprietary antifreeze to customers throughout its service area.
Medallion PlusGuard Antifreeze, previously available in the company's
northern Illinois market, is now offered throughout the Midwest and Southeast, according to Scott Lane, the company's chief marketing officer.
"Medallion PlusGuard Antifreeze products provide excellent corrosion protection for all metals, and can extend the coolant drain intervals for all types of gasoline and diesel engines," said Lane.
All Medallion PlusGuard Antifreeze products contain Bitter-Aid, an anti-consumption additive designed to protect pets and wildlife, said Stephen Tivy, marketing manager. He added that PetroLiance will continue supplying Mobil-branded antifreeze products to its customers.
"PetroLiance customers can now choose from a wide range of proven coolant products at very attractive price points," Tivy said.
Medallion PlusGuard Antifreeze products are offered in concentrate and diluted form, in gallon jugs, 55 gallon drums and bulk. The heavy-duty line includes two engine coolants:
· Medallion PlusGuard Heavy Duty SCA Antifreeze/Coolant for diesel engines
· Medallion PlusGuard Heavy Duty ELC Antifreeze/Coolant for heavy-duty diesel engines, offering up to 6,000 hours or 300,000 miles of service, which can be extended to 600,000 miles with a booster.
All Medallion PlusGuard products are certified to meet or exceed all major OEM and industry quality standards.
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