J. J. Keller & Associates Inc. has just introduced Fuel Tax Master Online, a web-based application that helps motor carriers report quarterly fuel tax information.
Fuel Tax Master Online produces IFTA-required reports based
on fuel information and receipts that are data-entered or imported in a standard file format. The application interfaces with J. J. Keller's Vehicle Management Online (VMO), which is used to manage such items as annual inspections, licensing, permitting and registration requirements.
Both applications provide a database of unit information as well as online reminders and alerts, informing users of required tasks and inconsistencies or non-compliance information. Users can track vehicles and other assets such as equipment.
Fuel Tax Master Online generates IFTA, bulk fuel, permit listings and mileage reports. Users can enter, monitor and audit drivers' trip and fuel data; set their own reporting options, data verification and fuel settings; track and report on non-taxable reefer fuel purchases as well as overall fuel expenses; and print a wide variety of detailed reports.
Fuel Tax Master Online also offers the following features: the ability to scan and attach receipts; current tax rates; fuel data import such as unit code, trip number, transaction date, start and end odometer, vendor invoice information and total gallons/liters and costs; multiple user access at the same time; and password protection and user-defined access.
For details, call Thomas Reader at (888) 473-4638 or visit www.jjkeller.com/ftmo.