The Great Dane SSL dry freight van on display at the this week's Technology and Maintenance Council Exhibition in Orlando, Fla. showcases aerodynamic features backed by the EPA SmartWay Program. In addition, the focal point
of Great Dane's exhibit at TMC is CorroGuard, its exclusive corrosion solution.
Furthering Great Dane's contributions to trailer technology is its leading freight van, the SSL. The construction of its single-sided laminate interior lining is superior to plywood or plastic linings, and its tough steel lining provides protection against forklift damage, which typically can be visible on the outer wall. The SSL provides increased cubic capacity comparable to standard plate and composite wall trailers.
Great Dane's EPA SmartWay Program Option spec'ing includes aluminum wheels, low-rolling resistance tires, side skirts, front fairings and construction with lightweight materials.
Along with the EPA SmartWay spec, the SSL on display at TMC features CorroGuard, Great Dane's exclusive spray-in-place thermoplastic elastomeric coating that is applied to suspensions and support gear to provide superior long-term protection from road abrasion and corrosion. A CorroBlaster device, which simulates sandblasting, is on hand in the booth to demonstrate the effective barrier CorroGuard provides against road debris.
Great Dane Trailers, a manufacturer of dry van, refrigerated and platform trailers, has its headquarters in Savannah, Ga., and Chicago, Ill., with nine manufacturing plants in the United States. For more information, visit