TeleNav Inc. has added TeleNav Asset Tracker to its Mobile Resource Management product line. TeleNav Asset Tracker is a small, battery-powered GPS tracker that can be placed on vehicles, trailers, tractors or heavy equipment
to monitor their locations.
Using any PC and an Internet browser, organizations can log into a password-protected web site and view the exact position of all mobile assets, updated each hour. The product can also be customized to send an alert as soon as an asset moves from its current location.
"It can be difficult for organizations with large fleets or equipment yards to keep track of their assets," said HP Jin, TeleNav's president, CEO and co-founder. "TeleNav Asset Tracker is an affordable, easy-to-use product that gives companies peace of mind knowing where every vehicle or piece of equipment is located. Our goal with this product is to not only help these companies improve operations efficiency but also asset security."
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